Document New Music From Russia: The 80's

Компакт-коробка из 8 CD c 32-страничным буклетом. На 6-м диске - EXERCISE (19'15'')

Музыка - Владимир Чекасин
Стихи - Сергей Курехин

Владимир Чекасин - саксофоны, перкуссия, гитара, вокал
Сергей Курехин - фортепиано, перкуссия, флейта, вокал
Борис Гребенщиков - гитара, перкуссия, вокал
Записано в Ленинграде, 16 ноября 1982.

CD LR 801-808
Tapes remastered by Alan Mosley
Design by Mike Bennion
Sub-editing by Michael Molnar
Produced by Leo Feigin
Published by LEO RECORDS
Copyright c 1989, by Leo Feigin
Music copyright c 1989, published by Alissa Publishing/PRS-England
Limited edition 1000 copies only

Первая версия этой записи присутсвует на альбоме "Эксерсизы", выпущенном Leo Records в 1983 году.

Disc 6 Chekasin/Kuryokhin/Grebenshchikov - 19'15

Содержание соответствующей страницы буклета:

The recording of EXERCISE dates back to 1982. The present version is an out-take of what was released as EXERCISES (LR 115) in 1983. That record was Chekasin's first recorded project outside the GANELIN TRIO: it met with a controversial but sometimes quite enthusiastic response.

"This record is difficult to describe in words because there is really no precedent in my experience to compare it with. In that sense exercises must be considered a work of a genius, accompanied by two skilful and sympathetic assistants. Perhaps Frank Zappa's early MOTHERS OF INVENTION could serve as a prior reference: a must for anyone into free music" - Armen Donelian, Option Magazine.

"EXERCISES shows a comic genius on the rampage. I haven't heard a musician enjoy himself so much since Lester Bowie's 'Great Pretender'" - Graham Lock, The Wire.

"Vladimir Chekasin is the most outstanding wit in world jazz since Carla Bley. :Monumental craft, impeccable ear, and the ravingly emotional soul to simultaneously mock and honour jazz history. If Mayakovsky and Khlebnikov were alive today and jazz musicians as well as poets, this is what I would imagine they would sound like together" - Norman Weinstein, Jazz Forum.

Today it is obvious that the recording was a unique combination of some of the outstanding personalities of the Soviet scene of the '80s: if you like, the Mayakovsky and Khlebnikov of today's jazz and rock. Much has been written about Chekasin and Kuryokhin in these pages.

Grebenshchikov is probably the most famous and at the same time most alien name in the DOCUMENT. A rock singer/songwriter of almost mythical status at home, he does not really fit into the new jazz/improvised milieu represented in the DOCUMENT. However, this should not detract from his contribution to this recording. Nor should it detract from his musical skill or creativity. Six years after this recording Boris Grebenshchikov happened to be the first Soviet rock artist to sign a contract with CBS.

When I was preparing the release of EXERCISES in 1983 I had two versions of the composition. I felt that the version included in DOCUMENT was superior to the one that, after long deliberation, was chosen for the record. The reason why I decided not to release a superior version seems ridiculous today, six years later. This version starts with all three musicians shouting one word in Russian: FEAR!!! They had the courage to record it. But it was because of fear of political reprisals against the musicians on my part that I"chickened out" and decided to shelve the tape.

Leo Feigin
August, 1989.

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